Wednesday, 14 November 2007

The Trypshop show 04 (14-11-2007)

Welcome to Trypshop show 4, what have we got
on offer this week then?
Among the 15 tracks we have some seminal 'english' moments
from The Factory and Geranium Pond.
The rarely heard 'The Miracle Of The Age' from Doctor & The
Medics (produced by Andy Partridge no less) and a superb slice
of 'new psych' from the Olivia Tremor Control.

Also got some psych-bubblegum from the delicious
Captain Groovy & His Bubblegum Army (45 sleeve above).
I will be putting together a 'Bubblegum Special' in a couple
of weeks time. You have been warned...
Also a couple of awesome tracks by Fraternal Order Of The All
(pictured) lifted from their 'Welcome To Planet Love' album,
"Space And Time" being a perfect piss-take of the 'winged
rickenbacker kings' it says here...
This is what Colin Allcars from the group did in a previous

Featured artist this week are July.
4 tracks from them seeing as I simply couldn't leave
out 'Hello Who's there' despite most people hating
the track. July released a self titled album in 1968,
which for a while was quite hard to get hold of but
recent reissues have made it available for everyone.
July hailed from Ealing and were led by Tom Newman
who went on to set up Manor studios for Richard Branson
and also engineered Tubular Bells.
'My Clown' and 'Dandelion Seeds' are quite simply Psych
classics of the highest order.

Also plucked for an airing this week is Big Boy Pete's
"Cold Turkey" and as luck would have it, here's a
clip of him doing his stuff:

If you have any requests for tracks or future featured artists
on The Trypshop, drop me a line in the 'comments' section
or mail me at

Tunes played on Trypshop show 04:The Factory "Path Through The Forest (long version)"
(The Factory 'Complete Story')Doctor & The Medics "The Miracle Of The Age"

(Doctor & The Medics 'Miracle Of The Age' 12inch)
Geranium Pond "Dogs In Baskets"
(Syde Trips Volume 5)
Captain Groovy & His Bubblegum Army "Captain Groovy & His Bubblegum Army"
(25 All Time Greatest Bubblegum Hits)
Olivia Tremor Control "No Growing (exegesis)"
(Olivia Tremor Control 'Dusk At Cubist Castle')
July "My Clown"
(July 'July')
Big Boy Pete "Cold Turkey"
(Electric Sugarcube Flashbacks)
Rainbow Ffolly "She's Alright"
(Rainbow Ffolly 'Sallies Fforth')
Jigsaw "Seven Fishes"
(Hens Teeth Volume Three - Catherine On The Wheel)
July "Dandelion Seeds"
(Various Artists - Insane Times:25 British Psychedelic Artefacts from the EMI Vaults)
The Second Helping "Floating Downstream On An Inflatable Rubber Raft"
(Ain't It Hard:Sunset Strip 60's Sound! Garage & Psych From Viva Records)
The Freak Scene "Watered Down Soul"
(The Freak Scene 'Psychedelic Psoul')
July "The Way"
(Acid Drops, Space Dust & Flying Saucers)
Fraternal Order Of The All "Space And Time"
(Fraternal Order Of The All 'Greetings From Planet Love')
Fraternal Order Of The All "Wink Of The Third Eye"
(Fraternal Order Of The All 'Greetings From Planet Love')
Thane Russel & Three "Security"
(Perfumed Garden Volume Two)
July "Hello Who's There"
(July 'July')
Foodbrain "Liver Juice Vending Machine"
(Love, Peace and Poetry Vol. 4: Japanese Psychedelic Music)
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Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The Trypshop show 03 (07-11-2007)

A healthy slab of US gear amongst the 16 tracks this
Including Bump and the wonderfully named Balloon Farm.
Listen out for the Nick Nicely track 'Hilly Fields 1892' which
most definitely inspired Mr Partridge and Co to don their
paisley's and record under their Dukes Of Stratosphear

Featured artist this week are The Chocolate Watchband.
Hailing from San Jose, they recorded some sublime
garage punk, rightly hailed as 'classics' these days.
Check 'em out doing their thing in the Pandora's Box
gig scene from the film Riot On Sunset Strip in '67.

Of the three tracks I've chosen, it's the best line-up
that are represented. In other words they played on
the tracks unlike large portions of their albums, where
session musicians were employed by producer Ed Cobb.
'No Way Out', 'Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love In)'
and 'Don't Need You Lovin' were recorded in 1967.

Also on this weeks show are The Monkees with the
awesome 'Star Collector' lifted from their 'Pisces, Aquarius,
Capricorn & Jones Ltd' LP, again from 1967.
I have distinct memories of seeing them perform this
on their show during re-runs in the early seventies:

Tunes played on Trypshop show 03:Dirty Filthy Mud "Forest Of Black"
(Endless Journey Volume 1)
The Liverpool Set "17 Years To The End"
(Colour Dreams Volume 1)
Bump "Winston Built The Bridge"
(Colour Dreams Volume 1)
Nick Nicely "Hilly Fields 1892"
(Nick Nicely 'Psychotropica')
The Move "Curly"
(The Move 'Looking On')
The Stairs "Laughter In Their Eyes"
(The Stairs 'Mexican R&B')
The Byrds "Thoughts And Words"
(The Byrds 'Younger Than Yesterday')
Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier "Jericho Jerk"
(Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier 'Les Yper Sound EP')The Chocolate Watchband "No Way Out"
(The Chocolate Watchband 'No Way Out')
The Tyrnaround "Colour Of Your Mind"
(The Tyrnaround 'Go Back')The Monkees "Star Collector"
(The Monkees ''Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd')The Chocolate Watchband "Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love In)"
(The Chocolate Watchband "No Way Out')Sands "Listen To The Sky"
(Nuggets Two Box Set)Tintern Abbey "Vacuum Cleaner"
(Rubble 12 - Staircase To Nowhere)Riders Of The Mark "The Electronic Insides & Metal Complexion That Make Up
Herr Doktor Krieg"
(20th Century Fox 7")
The Chocolate Watchband "Don't Need Your Lovin"
(The Chocolate Watchband Melts In Your Brain...Not On Your Wrist)
The Balloon Farm "A Question Of Tempurature"
(Nuggets One Box Set)
Hal Blaine "Love In (December)"
(Everything You Always Wanted To Know About 60's Mind Expansive
Punkadelic Garage Rock Instrumentals But Were Afraid To Ask)

The Playn Jayn "Crystal Ball"
(The Playn Jayn 'Friday The 13th At The Marquee Club')

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