Friday, 8 August 2014

The Trypshop Show 12 "This Is (Power) Pop?" 8th August 2014

The Trypshop Show 12 "This Is (Power) Pop?" 8th August 2014

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Pure self indulgence for this particular show, with a slight leaning
towards Power Pop, or to be more specific: Great POP music.

Your host as always: Mark Vidler

Tracks played on The Trypshop Show 12:

Todd Rundgren - Couldn't I Just Tell You (1972)
Big Star - Back Of A Car (1974)
(Radio City)
The Raspberries - Ecstacy (1974)
(Side 3)
Badfinger - Just One Chance (1974)
(Wish You Were Here)
Dwight Twilley Band - Looking For The Magic (1977)
(Twilley Don't Mind)
Matthew Sweet - Sick Of Myself (1995)
(100 Percent Fun)
Teenage Fanclub - About You (1995)
(Grand Prix)
(quick excerpt) Big Star - September Gurls (1974)
(Radio City)
Jellyfish - New Mistake (1993)
(from Spilt Milk)
Jason Falkner - I Live (1996)
(Presents Author Unknown)
The Merrymakers - Monkey In the Middle (1996)
Redd Kross - Get Out of Myself (1997)
(Show World)
Greg Pope - Only One You (2008)
(Pop Monster)
Barry O'Brien - Cut Me Out (2004)
(Spark EP)
Duncan Maitland - Horror Stories (2010)
(Lullabies For The 21st Century)
Pugwash - Here We Go 'Round Again (2012)
(The Olympus Sound)
The Nines - What Can I Do (1998)
(Wonderworld Of Colourful)
Splitsville - The Love Songs of B. Doulas Wilson (2001)
(The Complete Pet Soul)
The Explorers Club - Forever (2008)
(Freedom Wind)
Silver Sun - Can't Get You Out Of My Head (2005)
(Disappear Here)
The Posies - Apology (1990)
(Dear 23)

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Trypshop Show 11 "Beatlesque" 30th July 2013

The Trypshop Show 11 "Beatlesque" 30th July 2013


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This show features a whole host of artists and bands that owe an obvious debt to The Beatles:


The Aerovons - Resurrection (1969) (USA)

Octopus - Summer (1971) (UK)
(Restless Night)

Klaatu - Sub-Rosa Subway (1976) (Canada)
(Cabinet Of Curiosities)

Smyle - It's Gonna Be Alright (1972) (Holland)
(It's Gonna Be Alright (Single)

Los Walkers -Donde esta miss lee los sabados (1968) (Argentina)
(Walking Up Con Los Walkers)

The Spongetones - Eloquent Spokesman (1982) (USA)
(Beat Music)

Badfinger - Midnight Caller (1970) (UK)
(No Dice)

Key - The Farmer And The Fisherman (Germany / UK) (1978)
(Fit Me In)

The Left Banke - Goodbye Holly (1968) (USA)
(Left Bank Too)

The Turtles - Sound asleep (1968) (USA)
(Battle Of The Bnads)

Rockin' Horse - Yes It Is (1971) (UK)
(Yes It Is)

The Tremeloes - Willow Tree (1970) (UK)

We All Together - Cloudy Night (1974) (Peru)
(We All Together 2)

The Hudson Brothers - Isn't It Lovely (1974) (USA)
(Totally Out Of Control)

Los Shakers - M·s Largo Que El Ciruela (1968) (Uruguay)
(La Conferencia Secreta Del Toto's Bar)

Tages - She's A Man (1968) (Sweden)

The Buckinghams - Just Because I've Fallen Down (1967) (USA)

Stackridge - Fundamentally Yours (1974) (UK)
(The Man In The Bowler Hat)

Octopus - Rainchild (1971) (UK)
(Restless Night)

The Moon - Brother Lou's Love Colony (1968) (USA)
(Without Earth)

Colours - Helpin You Out (1968) (USA)

Badfinger - Dennis (1974) (UK)
(Wish You Were Here)

Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Trypshop show 10 NEW Bands & Artists (20-06-2013)

Trypshop show #10

This show features all current psych-related bands & artists:

Tame Impala - Apocalypse Dreams (2012)
The Resonars - Invisible Gold (2013)
(Crummy Desert Sound)
Jacco Gardner - Clear the Air (2012)
(Cabinet Of Curiosities)
Temples - Shelter Song (2012)
(Shelter Song (single)
The Sign Of Four - Topsy Turvy (2013)
(Hammer, Anvil Stirrup)
Jim Noir - Sunny (2012)
(Jimmy's Show)
Maston - Strange Rituals (2013)
Dean Allen Foyd - Insects (2013)
(Road To Atlas EP)
Melody's Echo Chamber - Crystallized (2012)
(Melody's Echo Chamber)
Temples - Colours To Life (2013)
(Colours To Life (single)
MGMT - Alien Days (2013)
(Alien Days (single)
Trolley - My Obsession (2011)
(Things That Shine And Glow)
Allah-Las - Long Journey (2012)
Pond - Fantastic Explosion Of Time (2012)
(Beard Wives Denim)
Foxygen - In The Darkness (2013)
(We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace And Magic)
Peace - Higher Than The Sun (2013)
(In Love)

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Trypshop show 09 (21-11-2012)

Trypshop show #9

Tracklisting for Trypshop #9: hosted by Mark Vidler:

John Shroeder Orchestra - Explosive Corrosive Joseph
(Instro Hipsters A Go-Go Vol 5)
The Resonars - Under The Blazing Stars (1999)
(Bright And Dark 1999)
The Zombies - Care Of Cell 44 (1967)
(Odessey & Oracle 1968)
Kim Fowley - Animal Man (1968)
(Outrageous 1968)
The Seeds - Fallin' Off The Edge Of My Mind (1969)
(Pushin' Too Hard Compilation)
Paul St. John - The Flying Saucers Have Landed (1972)
(Under The Silent Tree - Psychedelic Pstones IV)
The Explorers Club - Run Run Run (2012)
(Grand Hotel 2012)
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Panic In Babylon (2012)
(Aufheben 2012)
Peter Sarstedt - Blagged! (1968)
The Pillbugs - Neo Mega Quasi Ultra Super Groovy (2003)
(The 3 Dimensional In-Popscycle Dream 2003)
Pepper & The Shakers - Semipsychedelic(It Is) (1968)
Les Fleur De Lys - Gong With A Luminous Nose (1967)
(Rubble 13 FreakBeat Phantoms)
Stringtronics - Tropicola
(The Mighty Mellow Vol 1)
The Time Zone - Space Walker (1967)
The Hip Sound - Far Out (1967)
Larry Williams & Johnny 'Guitar' Watson with Kaleidoscope - Nobody (1968)
Cat's Pyjamas - Camera Man (1968)
(Jagged Time Lapses Vol 3)
The Night Riders - It's Only The Dog (1966)
(Jagged Time Lapses Vol 3)
Clover - Ice Cream Man
(Circus Days Vol 1)

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Trypshop show 08 Phasing Special (13-11-2012)

Hot on the heels of last weeks "Bubblegum Special" comes another 
themed show.
This time all the tracks use copious amounts of 'Phasing' or 'Sky-ing' 
as it was also known as, back in the day.

I have a pretty substantial collection of phased tracks to share, 
so i'll split this particular theme over a couple of shows.

Playlist for Trypshop #8 Phasing Special
hosted by Mark Vidler

101 Strings Orchestra - Trippin' On Lunar 07 (1969)
(Astro Sounds From Beyond The Year 2000 LP)
Toni Fisher - The Big Hurt (1959)
(Original Gold 44 Hits)
McGough & McGear - So Much In Love (1968)
(McGough & McGear LP)
Grimble Weed And The Vegetations - Bedazzled (1967)
(Circus Days: Pop-Sike Obscurities Vol 1)
Los Diablos - 21-7-69 (1969)
(Mind Expanders Vol 1)
Traffic - Hope I Never Find Me There (1967)
(Mr Fantasy)
Stavely Makepeace - I Wanna Love You Like A Mad Dog (1969)
(The Scrap Iron Rhythm Revue)
The Yardbirds - Goodnight Sweet Josephine (1968)
(Little Games LP)
The Remo Four - In The First Place (1968)
(Wonderwall DVD)
George Martin - Theme One (1967)
(The Sound Gallery Vol. 2)
The Beatles - Blue Jay Way (1967)
(Magical Mystery Tour)
Velvett Fogg - Telstar '69 (1969)
(Velvett Fogg LP)
West Coast Consortium - Colour Sergeant Lillywhite (1968)
(Looking Back: The Pye Anthology)
Satus Quo - Pictures Of Matchstick Men (1968)
(7" Vinyl Single)
Wonderland - Moscow (1968)
(The Rubble Collection)
The Vegetable Garden - Even Stevens (1969)
The Vegetable Garden - Hypnotic Suggestion (1969)
(7" Vinyl Single)
Puppy - Belinda (1968)
(A Forest Of Gold Tops Compilation)
Small Faces - Ogden's Nut Gone Flake (1968)
(Ogden's Nut Gone Flake)
Tomorrow - Revolutions (Phased Mono Version) (1967)
Roxy Music - Out Of The Blue (1974)
(Country Life)

For More info:

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Trypshop show 07 Bubblegum Special (07-11-2012)

Finally, after what has been almost 5 years lost in a Psychedelic haze 
somewhere between Watford, Northampton and a park bench just south of Mars...
The Trypshop returns.

and here is the promised Bubblegum Special:

Playlist for Trypshop #7 Bubblegum Special:
hosted by Mark Vidler

Jerry Goldsmith - Main Theme 
(Escape From The Planet Of The Apes) (1971)
The Joyride - The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine (1967)
Sakkarin - Sugar Sugar (1971)
Licorice Schtik - The Kissin' Game (1968)
Andy Partridge - Visit to the Doctor (2006)
Johnny Burton - Polevault Man (1972)
World's Fare - Sugar Shaker (1969)
Purple Avalanche - Oh Bah Um Dee Dum (1969)
Crazy Elephant - Space Buggy (1969)
Changing Colours - Da-Da-Da-Da (1969)
The Lemon Pipers - Green Tambourine (1968)
The Lemon Pipers - Jelly Jungle (Of Orange Marmalade) (1968)
The Sweet - The Lollipop Man (1969)
The Yummies - Patty Cake (1970)
Lancelot Link & The Evolution Revolution - 
Evolution Revolution (1970)
The Banana Splits - I'm Gonna Find a Cave (1968)
Ganip Ganop - Toot Toot Toot (1969)
American Machine - Snowball (1969)
Andy Partridge - Cherry In Your Tree (2006)
Giorgio - Stop (1969)
Ohio Express - Yummy Yummy Yummy (1968)
The Banana Splits - I Enjoy Being a Boy (1968)

It's good to be back...

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The Trypshop show 06 (22-01-2008)

Finally, Trypshop 06 weaves it's way into web-land,
dragging one and all kicking and screaming behind it...
sort of.
The Vidler has finally shaken off a festive chest infection
of monstrous proportions and stepped up to give you
some Love, Vibrasonic, Idle Race, (more) Byrds and
Pinkus Floydian.
Some of you may not be aware of the sonic delights
of Vibrasonic, so let me point you in the direction of
"Kingsley J":

3 tracks plucked from 'psychedelic' film soundtracks
this week.
First up is The Strawberry Alarm Clock with "Pretty Song
From Psych-Out" from the 1968 film Psych-Out.
Then we have The Electric Flag's "Peter's Trip", the title
theme from The Trip and finally George Harrison's "Ski-Ing"
from Wonderwall.

...And for your viewing pleasure, here's a trailer clip
for the Wonderwall film featuring the gorgeous
Remo Four title song that didn't appear on the original
Soundtrack album...coz it was all about George,
wasn't it...
Finally released about 34 years later though:

Also played Love's "The Daily Planet" from their classic
Forever Changes album. I plan to make them a
featured artist soon but I want your favourite Love
track suggestions, to compile the 3 from.
Send me a mail at
or drop me a 'comment'.

Bubblegum special lined up for Trypshop 07
next Tuesday 29th Jan.

Tunes played on Trypshop show 06:
intro: Jerry Goldsmith "Testing"
(Escape From The Planet Of The Apes Soundtrack)The Unbelievable Uglies "A Research Into The Soul Of Psychedelic Sound"(The Sixties Rebellion Volume 15 - The Apple Glass Syndrom)Pink Floyd "Vegetable Man"(unreleased)The Strawberry Alarm Clock "Pretty Song From Psych-Out"(The Strawberry Alarm Clock - Wake Up!...It's Tomorrow)Super Furry Animals "Hometown Unicorn"(Super Furry Animals - Fuzzy Logic)Jason Crest "Black Mass"(Jason Crest - The Collected Works)Vibrasonic "Kingsley J"(Vibrasonic - Vibrasonic)The Electric Flag "Peter's Trip"(The Trip - Original Soundtrack)Roger McGuinn Anti-Speed PDAThe Byrds "Gathering Of Tribes"(The Byrds - The Notorious Byrd Brothers)The Idle Race "Hurry Up John"(The Idle Race - The Idle Race)Utopia "Everybody Else Is Wrong"(Utopia - Deface The Music)Colin's Hermits "Strawberry Fields Forever"(Andy Partridge - Fuzzy Warbles Volume Three)The Apples In Stereo "Strawberryfire"(The Apples In Stereo - Her Wallpaper Reverie)George Harrison "Ski-Ing"(George Harrison Wonderwall Soundtrack)Squire "No Time Tomorrow"(Squire - Big Smashes)Love "The Daily Planet"(Love - Forever Changes)Cotton Mather "My Before And After"(Cotton Mather - Kontiki)The Simple Image "The Grooviest Girl In The World"(Various Artists - Bubblegum MotherFuckers Vol 33)

Listen to the podcast: