Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Trypshop Show 11 "Beatlesque" 30th July 2013

The Trypshop Show 11 "Beatlesque" 30th July 2013


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This show features a whole host of artists and bands that owe an obvious debt to The Beatles:


The Aerovons - Resurrection (1969) (USA)

Octopus - Summer (1971) (UK)
(Restless Night)

Klaatu - Sub-Rosa Subway (1976) (Canada)
(Cabinet Of Curiosities)

Smyle - It's Gonna Be Alright (1972) (Holland)
(It's Gonna Be Alright (Single)

Los Walkers -Donde esta miss lee los sabados (1968) (Argentina)
(Walking Up Con Los Walkers)

The Spongetones - Eloquent Spokesman (1982) (USA)
(Beat Music)

Badfinger - Midnight Caller (1970) (UK)
(No Dice)

Key - The Farmer And The Fisherman (Germany / UK) (1978)
(Fit Me In)

The Left Banke - Goodbye Holly (1968) (USA)
(Left Bank Too)

The Turtles - Sound asleep (1968) (USA)
(Battle Of The Bnads)

Rockin' Horse - Yes It Is (1971) (UK)
(Yes It Is)

The Tremeloes - Willow Tree (1970) (UK)

We All Together - Cloudy Night (1974) (Peru)
(We All Together 2)

The Hudson Brothers - Isn't It Lovely (1974) (USA)
(Totally Out Of Control)

Los Shakers - M·s Largo Que El Ciruela (1968) (Uruguay)
(La Conferencia Secreta Del Toto's Bar)

Tages - She's A Man (1968) (Sweden)

The Buckinghams - Just Because I've Fallen Down (1967) (USA)

Stackridge - Fundamentally Yours (1974) (UK)
(The Man In The Bowler Hat)

Octopus - Rainchild (1971) (UK)
(Restless Night)

The Moon - Brother Lou's Love Colony (1968) (USA)
(Without Earth)

Colours - Helpin You Out (1968) (USA)

Badfinger - Dennis (1974) (UK)
(Wish You Were Here)


bong heights said...

dey do doe don't dey doe

The Trypshop said...

dey do la!

Eledir Seren said...

Another very fine and indeed informative show - I'd never heard any of those tracks before - I particularly enjoyed the second half. keep it up! Looking forward to the next show already. Cheers

Unknown said...

Thanks again Mark for educating me with stuff I had never heard before.

Unknown said...
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The Hurdy Gurdy Man said...

Thanks for this again.

Hope you don't mind this Mark but I have been following The Trypshop since you started it and I occasionally do a podcast myself. This one is some of my favourite Psych /Garage stuff. Some Kaleidoscope, Seeds, Elastic Band, and The Mooche amongst others. Thought you and your listeners might like it. Looking forward to Trypshop 12.