Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Trypshop show 10 NEW Bands & Artists (20-06-2013)

Trypshop show #10

This show features all current psych-related bands & artists:

Tame Impala - Apocalypse Dreams (2012)
The Resonars - Invisible Gold (2013)
(Crummy Desert Sound)
Jacco Gardner - Clear the Air (2012)
(Cabinet Of Curiosities)
Temples - Shelter Song (2012)
(Shelter Song (single)
The Sign Of Four - Topsy Turvy (2013)
(Hammer, Anvil Stirrup)
Jim Noir - Sunny (2012)
(Jimmy's Show)
Maston - Strange Rituals (2013)
Dean Allen Foyd - Insects (2013)
(Road To Atlas EP)
Melody's Echo Chamber - Crystallized (2012)
(Melody's Echo Chamber)
Temples - Colours To Life (2013)
(Colours To Life (single)
MGMT - Alien Days (2013)
(Alien Days (single)
Trolley - My Obsession (2011)
(Things That Shine And Glow)
Allah-Las - Long Journey (2012)
Pond - Fantastic Explosion Of Time (2012)
(Beard Wives Denim)
Foxygen - In The Darkness (2013)
(We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace And Magic)
Peace - Higher Than The Sun (2013)
(In Love)


Eledir Seren said...

Another very fine podcast - it's always a pleasure when a Trypshop post appears in my inbox. I especially liked The Sign of Four, who I'd never heard of before, and well done for getting your hands on the new Temple's single. Loved the new Jim Noir album, too.

I present a psychedelic radio show here in New Zealand called Mind De-Coder, and I'm always finding new tracks to play from Trypshop (you once played a record for me years ago by The Tickle (the B-side to Subway). Would you be kind enough to put a link up on your site? Although I've been doing the show for years I've just created a blogsite and it would be nice to see some activity on it. Regardless of whether you do or not - keep up the good work. Cheers.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this again Mark.

I love it when you do a new one. I've started cycling to work and I have had all the Trypshops on this week. Re-Listening to all this great stuff has been great.

Thanks again.

The Trypshop said...

Hi Eledir, have added your blog to the links.
Good to hear from a NZ psych-head :)

And cheers 'Unknown'...a new show uploaded today (30th July 2013)

Best Wishes