Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Trypshop Show 13 "80's Psych Revival Part1" 12th August 2015


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A show focusing on the 80's Psychedelic revivals that occured in the UK and USA.
Includes a healthy selection from the Paisley Underground bands.
Hosted as always by Mark Vidler.

Tracks played on The Trypshop Show 13:

The Soft Boys - Underwater Moonlight (1980)
(Underwater Moonlight)
Nick Nicely - 49 Cigars (1981)
Mood Six - Just Like A Dream (1981)
(A Splash Of Colour)
The Fleshtones - Shadow Line (1981)
(Roman Gods)
Plasticland - Color Appreciation (1981)
(Color Appreciation)
The Television Personalities - I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives (1981)
(7" Single)
The Times - Red With Purple Flashes (1981)
(7" Single)
The Chesterfield Kings - The Hustler (1982)
(Here Are The Chesterfield Kings)
The Three O' Clock - I Go Wild (1982)
(Baroque Hoedown)
The Bangs - The Real World (1982)
(7" Single)
The Unclaimed - No Apology (1983)
(Primordial Ooze Flavored)
The Long Ryders - And She Rides (1983)
The Dream Syndicate - Tell Me When It's Over (1983)
(Days Of Wine And Roses)
The Jetset - The Jetset Theme (1983)
(The Best Of The Jetset)
The Prisoners - Love Me Lies (1983)
The Playn Jayn - You Weren't Born You Were Created (1984)
(Friday The 13th At The Marquee)
The Rain Parade - You are My Friend (1984)
(Explosions In The Glass Palace)
Green On Red - Sea Of Cortez (1985)
(Gas Food Lodging)
The Fuzztones - Bad News Travels Fast (1984)
(Lysergic Emanations)
The United States Of Existence - Makin' My Scene (1984)
The Revolving Paint Dream - Flowers In The Sky (1984)
(7" Single)
Naz Nomad & The Nightmares - Nobody But Me (1984)
(Give Daddy The Knife Cindy)
Dukes Of Stratosphear - Bike Ride to The Moon (1985)
(25 O' Clock)