Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Trypshop Show 11 "Beatlesque" 30th July 2013

The Trypshop Show 11 "Beatlesque" 30th July 2013


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This show features a whole host of artists and bands that owe an obvious debt to The Beatles:


The Aerovons - Resurrection (1969) (USA)

Octopus - Summer (1971) (UK)
(Restless Night)

Klaatu - Sub-Rosa Subway (1976) (Canada)
(Cabinet Of Curiosities)

Smyle - It's Gonna Be Alright (1972) (Holland)
(It's Gonna Be Alright (Single)

Los Walkers -Donde esta miss lee los sabados (1968) (Argentina)
(Walking Up Con Los Walkers)

The Spongetones - Eloquent Spokesman (1982) (USA)
(Beat Music)

Badfinger - Midnight Caller (1970) (UK)
(No Dice)

Key - The Farmer And The Fisherman (Germany / UK) (1978)
(Fit Me In)

The Left Banke - Goodbye Holly (1968) (USA)
(Left Bank Too)

The Turtles - Sound asleep (1968) (USA)
(Battle Of The Bnads)

Rockin' Horse - Yes It Is (1971) (UK)
(Yes It Is)

The Tremeloes - Willow Tree (1970) (UK)

We All Together - Cloudy Night (1974) (Peru)
(We All Together 2)

The Hudson Brothers - Isn't It Lovely (1974) (USA)
(Totally Out Of Control)

Los Shakers - M·s Largo Que El Ciruela (1968) (Uruguay)
(La Conferencia Secreta Del Toto's Bar)

Tages - She's A Man (1968) (Sweden)

The Buckinghams - Just Because I've Fallen Down (1967) (USA)

Stackridge - Fundamentally Yours (1974) (UK)
(The Man In The Bowler Hat)

Octopus - Rainchild (1971) (UK)
(Restless Night)

The Moon - Brother Lou's Love Colony (1968) (USA)
(Without Earth)

Colours - Helpin You Out (1968) (USA)

Badfinger - Dennis (1974) (UK)
(Wish You Were Here)