Wednesday, 24 October 2007

The Trypshop show 01 (Weds 24-10-2007)

First show focusing on the main tracks that kickstarted
my obsession with Psychedelia.
All thanks to Julian Cope on Kid Jensens 'Collectors Choice'
on Radio 1 in 1984, where he introduced me to The Craig,
The Tickle and the Bump amongst others.
Bam Caruso's 'Rubble' compilation series had just started,
Alice In Wonderland in the UK, Paisley Underground in LA,
big interest in the genre at the time.
Small indie labels were releasing bucketloads of comp
albums of UK Psych, US Garage bands etc
The Damned became 'Naz Nomad & The Nightmares'.
XTC were about to become 'The Dukes Of Stratosphear'.
I was hooked...

A fair few of the tracks for this first show were pulled
from the 'Rubble', 'Chocolate Soup For Diabetics' and
'Perfumed Garden' compilation albums (pictured above).
Listen out especially for the One In A Milllion b-side
'Double Sight', which sounds uncannily like The Jam
but in 1967.
Every psych-head will have Fire's 'Father's Name Was Dad'
in their collection.
Les Goths 'Turn Over' is a personal favourite, with a
healthy dose of phasing throughout.
The Tickle's 'Subway (Smokey Pokey World)' is a perfect
example of UK psych at it's very best.

Each week I'll be playing three tracks by a 'featured artist'
and this week it's The Seeds. (pictured)
Exploding out of LA around 1965, they are widely known
as the premier 'garage' band. Fronted by Sky Saxon, their
sound was a raw organ/guitar-led mish-mash of simplistic
riffs which grew progressively psychedelic over a handful
of albums up to 1969.
They most definitely influenced The Doors as much as
Jagger influenced Sky Saxon.
Here's a clip of The Seeds doing 'Mr Farmer' on Shebang
in 1966, check the perfect haircuts and threads:

Of the three tracks I've included in the show, 'Evil Hoodoo'
comes from debut album 'The Seeds' (1966), 'Chocolate River'
was a 'Future' outtake from '67 and 'The Wind Blows Your Hair'
was a non-album a-side from the same year.
You can get all The Seeds albums on '2 for' CD's via Edsel.
'Web Of Sound' and 'Future' are essential listening.

The show is streamed at the bottom of this post and
a download link for mp3 provided also.
Tune in...

Tunes played on Trypshop show 01:
The Craig "I Must Be Mad"
(Rubble One - The Psychedelic Snarl)
Fire "Father's Name Was Dad"
(The British Psychedelic Trip Vol One)One In A Million "Double Sight"
(Chocolate Soup For Diabetics)
The Jelly Bean Bandits "Generation"
(Mayhem & Psychosis Vol One)
The Creation "How Does It Feel To Feel?"
(The Creation - How Does It Feel To Feel?)
The Pretty Things "Talkin' About The Good Times"
(Rubble Three - Nightmares In Wonderland)The Sunliners "Land Of Nod"
(Garagelands Vol One)Les Goths "Turn Over"
(Perfumed Garden Vol Two)
The Seeds "Evil Hoodoo"
(The Seeds - The Seeds)The Chesterfield Kings "Outside Chance"
(The Chesterfield Kings - Here Are The Chesterfield Kings)The Turtles "Sound Asleep"
(The Turtles - 20 Greatest Hits)The Seeds "Chocolate River"
(The Seeds - Fallin' Off The Edge)The Tickle "Subway (Smokey Pokey World)"
(Mojo Box-Set - Acid Drops, Spacedust & Flying Saucers)Timebox "Gone Is The Sad Man"
(Rubble Twelve - Staircase To Nowhere)The Uglys "I See The Light"
(Perfumed Garden Vol Two)
The Seeds "The Wind Blows Your Hair"
(The Seeds - Fallin' Off The Edge)The Electric Prunes "The Great Banana Hoax"
(The Electric Prunes - Underground)
Listen to the podcast:



DJHDD said...

Oooohhh...who's got a nice radio voice then ...better than being told you have a nice face for radio.

Rabbi von Sydow said...


James said...

Are you going to post direct links to the MP3 so we can use a podcast program to subscribe? As it is now you link to, but iTunes (and I suspect most other Podcasting programs) don't recognize that as an MP3 download since it's not a direct link to the MP3 file. There's probably something you can do to get listed in the iTunes Music Store under Podcasts, too, you might want to do that (but it's not necessary if you just provide an RSS feed to a page that links to MP3s.)

Awesome that you're doing a podcast now, though!


N.D. said...

Thanks for this... Keep the good work... why don't you add it to i-tunes podcast? Thanks.

The Trypshop said...

Thanks for the comments.
I'm looking into better file hosting / iTunes subscription etc
Early days....reaction so far has been cool, if it keeps up i'll push it forward.


dean said...

Downloaded - will listen to later. Great idea Mark, will be a nice addition to the excellent parage/psych podcasts at - but I wouldn't ask them to host it, not unless you want 80kps podcasts...

Chaff said... expected.

Anonymous said...

At last! Excellent podcast Mark.
More please!

KiDG said...

Great podcast! Looking forward to having you blow my mind even more!

Ariel C said...

Great podcast! Hope everything is good with you! Continue on with the series!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this was a fantastic trip through some music I've never heard and some other stuff I completely forgot about.

That Jelly Bean Bandits track is really good stuff! Thanks for this... Looking forward to future episodes.

- WF

ben said...

More or less what I was planning for RsH. Swine. Never mind. You could play some edits, y'know...

Lenlow said...

Yessss. I really need to discover this world of music. Keep it up Mark.

ben said...

BTW - you forgot to mention that the drummer on I Must Be Mad was future prog-rock criminal Carl Palmer. Funnily enough I played it on my radio spot a fortnight ago, along with Woman Of Distinction and Vacuum Cleaner. I shall have to up the ante somewhat.

Planet Mondo said...

Great show - The Ugly's, Fire and The Creation. Blew my mind which is the point I guess

Leo said...

This looks promising, hope it doesn't keep you from releasing the complete GHP parts 13-16. Some of us wait eagerly...

Pops and Scratches said...

Love this and looking forward to listening to the Halloween stuff.
Thanks for all the music.

Mark Lerner said...

Great stuff--and I *never* listen to podcasts, but I knew yours would be worth it. "Father's Name Was Dad" was my fave.

Eagerly downloading your 2nd show now.

The Trypshop said...

cheers mark,
'Father's Name Was Dad' is indeed a great track....fingers crossed the band are giving me the opportunity to 'do something with it' for their upcoming reunion gigs next month.
more on that later..

IChameleon said...

Hi Mark

I enjoyed that far more than I thought I was going to. Sent me off rummaging through the dusty vinyl. You are right about the adventurous B Sides. I was scoffed at for extolling the virtues of The Sweet but I had heard the B Sides and they hadn't.
I'm assuming that you are going to follow themes occasionally. I knew nothing of Robert Fripps career before Crimson until I heard your Halloween podcast. Any chance of a "before they were famous" show? If so can I suggest "You always stand in my way" from Aphrodites Child, B Side of the 1969 single End of the World. I have it on vinyl somewhere. Greek prog wasn't that common (although 666 was something special for 1971) but Vangelis and Demis Roussos together playing Prog!!! Sounds like Game for a Laugh.

So many of the bands you played last week were ahead of their time so I'm looking forward to a "Before their Time" session.
Essential listening for all your GHP fans.

The Trypshop said...

re: ichameleon
That's a good idea. I have a fair few 'before they were famous' tracks, so I'll definitely implement that for a future show.


Anonymous said...

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