Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Trypshop show 02 Halloween Special (Weds 31-10-2007)

It's the Trypshop Halloween Special no less.This week I give you 19 tracks with a Halloween feel or theme,
covering such suitable topics of spells, witches, apples, ghosts,
nightmares, spiders, all angles covered - no gravestone unturned.
The show was recorded in and around a haunted house / graveyard
(if you close you eyes hard enough and open your mind)...

No featured artist this week but there are two tracks from the
C.A. Quintet's "Trip Thru Hell" album. (pictured)
The excellent "Cold Spider" with it's twin guitar break that will
quite literally set your teeth on edge and the album-closer
"Trip Thru Hell Part Two" that taps into many musical styles through
it's duration but ends in a freak-out of screams, bells and backwards
guitars amongst other delights.
I originally had this album on vinyl (Psycho) but you are better
searching the Sundazed CD out, with bonus tracks and taken from
the master tapes. The Psycho LP misses one entire channel of music
in it's mono conversion.
This was C.A. Quintet's only album, released in 1969 (a bit late,
considering the sound of the content) and remains a classic.

The Creation feature again this week with a track called
"Nightmares". Cool to get a fair amount of mail from some of you
after I played "How Does It Feel To Feel?" in the first show.
Seems to be a firm fave.
Here's a clip of The Creation performing "Makin' Time" on Beat,
Beat, Beat circa 1966 awesome stuff:

There's also some great tracks by The Open Mind, Frog, Brazilian
Mac Rybell's version of the Stones 'Latern' from Satanic Majesties
and The Move's "Night Of Fear" with an interesting tag...

The show is streamed at the bottom of this post and
a download link for mp3 provided also.
Tune in...

Tunes played on Trypshop show 02 Halloween Special:
intro 'The Scream'
(Night Of The Living Dead Soundtrack)
The Open Mind "Cast A Spell"
(Rubble One - The Psychedelic Snarl)C. A. Quintet "Cold Spider"
(C.A. Quintet - Trip Thru Hell)
The Vampires' Sound Incorporation "Ghosts of Good and Bad Onions"
(The Vampires' Sound Incorporation - Psychedelic Dance Party)
The Fuzztones "She's My Witch"
(The Fuzztones - Flashbacks)
The Creation "Nightmares"
(The Creation - How Does It Feel To Feel?)The Brain "Nightmares In Red"
(Rubble Three - Nightmares In Wonderland)Naz Nomad & The Nightmares "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night"
(Naz Nomad & The Nightmares - Give Daddy The Knife Cindy)
Pat Shannon "Candy Apple Cotton Candy"
(Come To The Sunshine: Soft Pop Nuggets From The WEA Vaults)Larry's Rebels "Halloween"
(Ugly Things Volume 4)Cords "Ghost Power"
(Buzz Buzz Buzzzzzz No 2)Mac Rybell "The Lantern"
(Psychedelic Archaelogy Volume 8)The Nice "The Diamond Hard Blue Apples Of The Moon"
(Real Life Permanent Dreams Disc 4)Frog "Witch Hunt"
(Psychamania - Eccentric Sounds From The British Underground 1970-1973)The Monocles "Spider And The Fly"
(Mayhem & Psychosis Volume One)
Mesmerizing Eye "Rain Of Terror"
(Mesmerizing Eye - A Musical Lightshow)The Move "Night Of Fear"
(The Move - The Move)C. A. Quintet "Trip Thru Hell Part Two"
(C. A. Quintet - Trip Thru Hell)
The Gravedigger V "Spooky"
(Be a Caveman: the Best of Voxx Garage Revival)
Dream Syndicate "Halloween"
(Dream Syndicate - Days Of Wine And Roses)
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Adrian said...

Is there any way to actually subscribe as a proper podcast, rather than downloading the mp3 file. Great work by the way

Planet Mondo said...

Could be a good idea to setup RSS subs via feedburner

I only know Naz Nomad from this mix but am buzzing to hear the rest.

In a shameless piece of self promotion could i mention my two 'half of hour hell' mixes on

'Frighty Night is Music Night' and 'Tunes From The Crypt'

Keep those winners coming

The Trypshop said...

There are several options available (including an add to iTunes) in the 'Subscribe to Trypshop' panel near the top of the blog...and yes it's all done with Feedburner.


Thor said...

Absolutely brilliant. I listened to last week's debut poscast three times. So glad to have #2. Finally, someone is covering this music in an organized and interesting way. Thanks. - Thor

Mr Fab said...

Vampires Sound, ha! I have a ton of that stuff, "EZ-psych" i call it. Glad you're not getting too purist, some of that stuff's better then "real" psych.

Big ups on the Dream Syndicate! You down w/the other LA "Paisley Underground" acts, Salvation Army/Three O'Clock, Rain Parade, etc?

Top choice last week, on the Seeds' "Evil Hoodoo," always my fave of theirs.

As you may have guessed, I'm rather happy about this. Just have to remember not to pronounce it "tripe-shop."

peterj said...

Absolutely brilliant - I thought I was the only one who liked all this music !!!!
Thanks for the ones I didn't know too

The Trypshop said...

re Mr Fab:
Yeah, totally down with the Paisley Underground. Check early Green On Red, Long Ryders, Unclaimed, Thin White Rope etc etc

My aim with Trypshop is to cover all Psych connections from it's origins to the revivals and relevant influences. Never the purist, I adore cod-psychedelia as much as the hard stuff and there are endless barrels of the stuff to jump into :)

Many many thanks to everyone who's enjoying this so far.
The shows are an absolute pleasure to make..

Paul Groovy said...

keep on keeping on mr vidler.You've set your self high standards with the first 2 episodes.Love every minute of it-show 2 provided the background when we had trick or treaters-5 yrd old zombies encountering the fuzztones..........

IChameleon said...

Hi Mark

Still on the musical journey you started. Digging out some sixties phasing. Guitar break in the middle of “Here come the fleas” from White Noise’s 1969 Electric Storm. Always been a fan of Delia Derbyshire. Pioneer of electronic music, Radiophonic Workshop etc. Not exactly PsycheDelia though .

Anyway…..Phasing……Long before the beginning of affordable studio trickery the only method I had available to me was to place a microphone on top of a speaker facing the same direction as the sound. I played the sound I wanted to phase through the speaker and held an album sleeve in front of the speaker so it would reflect the sound back to the microphone which was recording onto a separate tape with a primitive automatic level control. As I moved the sleeve in and out or at an angle the mike picked up the reflected sound and the faster the movement the faster the phase.
I can’t claim credit for the technique. I had adapted it from another engineer who used to move the speaker and mike against a wall but I was inspired by the work of the great Eddie Kramer and after all, these were days of experimentation in sound as well as drugs.

Hope you don’t mind me sharing the occasional memory from the past with you.

Keep up the good work.

Meic (a.k.a. I Chameleon)

john said...

Thanks a lot. Ove all this stuff. I got the rubble collection not long ago and haven't stopped listening to it. You did miss off a favourite of mine though, The Witch by The Sonics. Can't wait for next weeks cast.

The Trypshop said...

Meic: no problems with the memory sharing! A fascinating phasing technique there :)
Yes, i'm very aware of the Electric Storm album, excellent it is too.

Paul Groovy: Great to know that 5 year olds are being introduced to the Fuzztones!

John: Rubble collection is great. I still have the first 14 on the original vinyl. I understand the box sets have just been re-pressed too with new liner notes in the booklets...a must have.