Friday, 21 December 2007

The Trypshop show 05 (Nearly Xmas Special) (21-12-2007)

The Trypshop returns after a 5 week delay.

Apologies all round but GHP commitments have
been pretty demanding of late...
Anyway, this week we have a 'nearly Christmas'
feel thanks to tracks by The Three Wise Men,
Carnegy Hall, The Virgineers and The Fab Four.
No featured artist this week but we kick things
off with The Nazz:

Fans of XTC should enjoy hearing their alter-ego's
in this weeks show.
I've finally dragged out some 'Dukes' and the 'best
christmas single that wasn't a hit but bloody well
should have been' in their Three Wise Men guise.
(cover below)

Check the positioning of the red graphic
above the 'Thanks For Christmas' lettering of
the title on the cover, giving their true
As promised here's the video for the Dukes
'Mole From The Ministry' that was aired on
'Whistle Test' in the mid eighties:

Also listen out for the 2 tracks by The Fab Four.
I think the album was released in 2002. 20
tracks of a Beatles tribute band doing xmas
songs in a Beatles (or dare I say 'Rutles') style.
Genial stuff.
Did my best to fulfill the request that came through
over the past 5 weeks.
If you want to hear something specific drop me a
line at or
pop it in the comments tab.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year !

Tunes played on Trypshop show 05
Intro: The Breakaways "I Can Hear Music"
(Dream Babes Volume 4 'Go-Girl')The Nazz "Open My Eyes"
(The Nazz)Q65 "So High I've Been So Down I Must Fall"
(Rubble Volume 9 - Plastic Wilderness)Carnegy Hall "The Bells Of San Francisco"
(somewhere off the net)Wimple Winch "Save My Soul"
(Rubble Volume One - The Psychedelic Snarl)Made in Sheffield "Amelia Jane"
(Sweet Floral Albion Compilation)The Dukes Of Stratosphear "The Mole From The Ministry"
(25 O'Clock)The Fab Four "Jingle Bells"
(Christmas With The Fab Four)Taboo "Vampire Tango"
(mp3 email)The Tickle "Good Evening"
(Hens Teeth Volume One Compilation)
The Long Ryders "I Had A Dream"
(7inch vinyl single)The Byrds "Eight Miles High"
(Fifth Dimension)John Coltrane "India"
The Bonzo Dog Band "Humanoid Boogie"
(Best Of)Plasticland "Elongations"
(Plasticland / Colour Appreciation)
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band "Pena"
(Trout Mask Replica)The Fab Four "Silent Night"
(Christmas With The Fab Four)
The Virgineers "We Are Santa's Helpers"
(internet)The Three Wise Men (XTC) "Thanks For Christmas"
(7inch Christmas single / Rag & Bone Buffet)

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Heli0tr0pe said...

Cheers as always Mark - you ABSOLUTELY rule. Not many comments here I see (nor on my new blog, but that's OK), ao I just wanted to say that what you do is ever so appreciated!

Happy Holidays etc. -

john said...

Thanks as ever brother. Have just put on my pod so will listen to it later while I fight through the hoardes of shoppers. Looks good..respect for the Dukes stuff. Glad to have you back.

Mr Binny said...

thanks for the q65 mark!
i've sent you over a clean stereo mp3 of 'vegetable man' by floyd in case you need to upgrade yours (you mentioned it in the podcast)...
vegetable man (jenner stereo mix)

great once again...!

Mr Binny said...

ps. merry xmas to all...

dreadedvacuumflaskmonster said...

Mark, as always, another fab show. My favourite so far.

Dukes, Bonzos and Fab Four - brilliant stuff.

How about some Idle Race in a future show?

Thanx, Andy

-valis said...

Great show!!!!!! Worth the interval between episodes!

Alec said...

Wow, I'm still working my way through these after downloading them all but I've been transported back to my nights at the Alice In Wonderland in Dean Street and the All Night Psychedelic Film Festivals at the Scala.
Great music, keep up the good work Mark.

Lee said...

Excellent as always!

Mark, have you pitched this idea to BBC Radio as an actual show?

The Trypshop said...

Lee, I can but try, the wheels are in motion...