Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The Trypshop show 06 (22-01-2008)

Finally, Trypshop 06 weaves it's way into web-land,
dragging one and all kicking and screaming behind it...
sort of.
The Vidler has finally shaken off a festive chest infection
of monstrous proportions and stepped up to give you
some Love, Vibrasonic, Idle Race, (more) Byrds and
Pinkus Floydian.
Some of you may not be aware of the sonic delights
of Vibrasonic, so let me point you in the direction of
"Kingsley J":

3 tracks plucked from 'psychedelic' film soundtracks
this week.
First up is The Strawberry Alarm Clock with "Pretty Song
From Psych-Out" from the 1968 film Psych-Out.
Then we have The Electric Flag's "Peter's Trip", the title
theme from The Trip and finally George Harrison's "Ski-Ing"
from Wonderwall.

...And for your viewing pleasure, here's a trailer clip
for the Wonderwall film featuring the gorgeous
Remo Four title song that didn't appear on the original
Soundtrack album...coz it was all about George,
wasn't it...
Finally released about 34 years later though:

Also played Love's "The Daily Planet" from their classic
Forever Changes album. I plan to make them a
featured artist soon but I want your favourite Love
track suggestions, to compile the 3 from.
Send me a mail at gohomeproductions@btopenworld.com
or drop me a 'comment'.

Bubblegum special lined up for Trypshop 07
next Tuesday 29th Jan.

Tunes played on Trypshop show 06:
intro: Jerry Goldsmith "Testing"
(Escape From The Planet Of The Apes Soundtrack)The Unbelievable Uglies "A Research Into The Soul Of Psychedelic Sound"(The Sixties Rebellion Volume 15 - The Apple Glass Syndrom)Pink Floyd "Vegetable Man"(unreleased)The Strawberry Alarm Clock "Pretty Song From Psych-Out"(The Strawberry Alarm Clock - Wake Up!...It's Tomorrow)Super Furry Animals "Hometown Unicorn"(Super Furry Animals - Fuzzy Logic)Jason Crest "Black Mass"(Jason Crest - The Collected Works)Vibrasonic "Kingsley J"(Vibrasonic - Vibrasonic)The Electric Flag "Peter's Trip"(The Trip - Original Soundtrack)Roger McGuinn Anti-Speed PDAThe Byrds "Gathering Of Tribes"(The Byrds - The Notorious Byrd Brothers)The Idle Race "Hurry Up John"(The Idle Race - The Idle Race)Utopia "Everybody Else Is Wrong"(Utopia - Deface The Music)Colin's Hermits "Strawberry Fields Forever"(Andy Partridge - Fuzzy Warbles Volume Three)The Apples In Stereo "Strawberryfire"(The Apples In Stereo - Her Wallpaper Reverie)George Harrison "Ski-Ing"(George Harrison Wonderwall Soundtrack)Squire "No Time Tomorrow"(Squire - Big Smashes)Love "The Daily Planet"(Love - Forever Changes)Cotton Mather "My Before And After"(Cotton Mather - Kontiki)The Simple Image "The Grooviest Girl In The World"(Various Artists - Bubblegum MotherFuckers Vol 33)

Listen to the podcast:



john said...

Getting this now..will give it a go on my pod tomorrow.

Thanks again Mark. Nice to see some Fuzzy Warbles on here. And thanks for the SFA track.

As for Love, any of these

(Da Capo)
Orange Skies
She Comes In Colours

(Forever Changes)
A House Is Not a Home
The Red Telephone
The Good Humour Man.....

(Four Sail)
Your Friend & Mine
Talking In My Sleep

sH said...

Your Mind And We Belong Together. Obviously.

john said...

Number 7 ???

valis said...

numba' 7.....numba' 7....numba' 7.....numba' 7....numba' 7....numba' 7....

john said...

Number 7 brother?

Thanks for the Spliced Krispies by the way...The Finger of Fudge sample is inspired work.

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Craig Hollingsworth said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you again. I have been remiss in not sending my thanks for the Trypshop series. I've listened while riding my bike on long rides, and today on a rainy dreary Sunday morning here in North Carolina, US. I have enjoyed each and every Trypshop episode and hope you continue them. I just heard the Brian Jonestown Massacre cut and really enjoyed it; such an unpleasant name but interesting music. Love the show, thanks!